Legal Dictionary

The LegalMatch Legal Dictionary is an online resource of essential legal definitions written in layman’s English. Each term in the dictionary links to an in-depth article in the LegalMatch Law Library.

A – AB Trust to Attorney-Client Privilege

B – Back Pay to Business Contract

C – CAN-SPAM Act to Cyberspace Law

D – Dangerous Products to Dynasty Trust

E – Easement to Eyewitness Identification

F – Fair Housing Act to Furlough

G – Gender Discrimination to Gun Possession Laws

H – Habeas Corpus to Husband-Wife Privilege

I – Identity Theft to IRS Collection Process

J – J Visa to Juvenile Justice System

K – Kiddie Tax to Kidnapping

L – Labor Law to Loss of Consortium

M – M Visa to Mutual Restraining Order

N – Name Change to Nursing Home Reform Act

O – Obamacare Individual Mandate to Owner Move in Eviction

P – Paid Sick Leave to Putative Marriage

Q – Q Visa to Quiet Title Action

R – Race Discrimination to Rule against Perpetuities

S – S Corporation to Sweepstakes Scam

T – T-1 Visa to Truth in Savings Act

U – U Visa to Usury

V – V Visa to Voting Work Leave

W – Wage Discriminated Employees to Wrongful Withholding of a Security Deposit

X, Y, Z – Zero Tolerance to Zoo Liability

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